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Author Guidelines

Here are author guidelines for Jurnal Informatika Dharma Negara (JIDAN):

  1. The manuscript can be written using Indonesian or English. The author must write an article in accordance with journal format, as in the template of this journal [link].
  2. The article contains the background and purpose of research, related studies, methods to solve the problem, results, and discussion, conclusions and suggestions, reference list.
  3. The submitted article must be written with a maximum of 10 pages. You can send it by JIDAN journal address at the following link http://jidan.stmikdharmanegara.ac.id. The author must login first to send his an article.
  4. The systematics of journal writing in it contains an introduction consisting of background problems and research objectives, related studies, methods used in problem solving, results and discussion, conclusions and suggestions, reference lists.
  5. The format should follow the following format:
    • Title: 24 pt.
    • Author name: 11 pt.
    • Footnote: 8pt.
    • Title in section, subsection, and reference: 10pt and written with a capital letter.
    • Content: 10 pt, flat left-right.
    • Abstract: 10pt, bold and left-right flat.
    • Image caption: 8pt, center.
    • Table caption: 8pt, center.
    • Reference: 8pt, left-right.
    • Margin: Left: 20mm, right: 20mm, top: 20mm, bottom: 20mm.
  6. The table should be numbered, for example, Table 1. Category. The description of the table (number and title of the table) must be placed in above of the table. 
  7. Images should be numbered, for example, Figure 1. Context Diagram. The description of the image (the number and the title of the image) must be placed in below of the image.
  8. Mathematical formulas must be written clearly, number and information must be described in the formula.
  9. Citation and reference writing are written using IEEE Style with numbering. The numbering refers to the list of references used. The references are written by using numbers with square brackets, for example: [1] First reference.
  10. The source of the reference or quotation included in the text is the primary reference source published in the last 10 years.
  11. All texts submitted for publication in JIDAN will go through the assessment process by Bestari / Reviewer Partners.
  12. The authors will receive notification from the editor, if the text is rejected or accepted. Script writers will be given the opportunity to improve the text on recommendations / suggestions from Bestari / Reviewer Partners